Why Clients Choose Me Over the Competition:

The most asked Question I get is:  Why would I use you instead of another Mortgage Broker or my Bank?

GREAT Question:

Let’s start by looking into what your goals are and then I will break down what MOST Mortgage Lenders OFFER  -VS-  What I have to OFFER

  • Lowest Rate
  • Lowest Fees
  • Down Payment Assistance
  • Different Options
  • Fast, Efficient and easy to use Process

Lowest Rate:


ME:  As a Mortgage Broker I work with over 20 Wholesale Lenders to seek out the BEST RATE available.

MOST LENDERS:  They offer 1 rate for each Program they offer.



Lowest Fees:



ME:  I do NOT charge an Application fee, Doc prep fee, Processing Fee, Underwriting Fee

MOST LENDERS:  Points $386, Orig $868, Doc Prep $28, Commitment $370, Processing $857, Underwriting $525 = $3034



Down Payment Assistance:



Me:  I offer 5 Different variations of DPA Programs starting with a 620 Credit score and going up to $15,000.

Most Lenders: Offer 2 State specific Grant Programs such as IHDA that offers $7500 with a 640 credit score.






Me:  I work with over 20 different Wholesale Lenders.  The Best ones in the Country.

Most Lenders: Offer one set of guidelines with limited options




Me:  From application online to updates on every step of the way you will know where you are in the process.  Closings take place in your home or office

Most Lenders: Apply online and hope someone replies.  Evey time you call you get a different person.


Niche Program I offer ALL my Clients:

Conventional High Balance loans in EVERY Area I serve:

  •   Loans up to $679,650
  • 90% LTV
  • Conventional Guidelines & Rates

Escrow Waiver up to 95% on all Conventional Loans

Convention Loan CASH OUT to 85% LTV

The Lowest PMI Rates in the Country

LOCK & SHOP:  We offer Rate Locks up to 90 Days on a TBD (To Be Determined) Home. 

  • If Rates go UP: You’re Covered by the LOCK
  • If Rates go DOWN: We can Lock in at the Lower Rate




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