I found through a Friend who introduced me to this site.  At first, I was skeptical as usual when I see FREE Credit Score and all the bells and whistles attached to it.  However, I decided to give it a shot an was pleasantly surprised.  The site took me 2 minutes TOPS to create an account.  It didn’t ask for Credit card information or even my complete social security number, just a few questions that only I would know.  After creating the account I was AMAZED by the information that it had on me and also the advice that it offered.

The Dashboard was very easy to read and understand:  Here are the areas covered on this site

Credit Manager

  • Provides Credit Score
  • ranking of the Credit Score to explain how I ranked among Lenders
  • How to BETTER my Score:  Example in my case it was the LACK of Credit History
  • Accounts: Reviews my Open accounts showing my Credit Usage and Payment History
  • Everything was 100% ACCURATE

Next section is Debt Optimizer:

  • Current debt
  • Borrowing Eligibility
  • Credit Cards Savings Tips
  • Debt Optimization Guides and Videos


ID Protection

  • Set Alert Settings
  • Step by Step process to Theft Resolution
  • Protection Guides and Videos


Mortgage Planner

  • Looking to Refinance or Buy a Home




Retirement Planning

  • Current Status
  • Retirement Savings
  • Retirement Income
  • Retirement Outlook


ASK a Pro and also FIND a Pro

  • An interactive Chat with Professionals in the Area that you need Assistance


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