What are Seller Credits or Seller Concession

What are Seller Credits or Seller Concession

When purchasing a home you might hear the phrase “Seller Credit” or “Seller Concession.”  So what exactly is your Realtor or Mortgage person talking about when they say this? A Seller Credit -or- Seller Concession is a credit that the seller is giving you to cover things such as closing costs.  These creditcan be apply […]

REVERSE MORTGAGE Keep your home with a Reverse Mortgage

The Primary reason Seniors do not look into qualifying for a Reverse Mortgage is Mis-Information: I was recently asked to appear on a talk show where a Real Estate attorney asked me to clear up the misinformation that he as well as his clients had in regards to a Reverse Mortgage.  How this all came about […]

The Law Firm I Personally Recommend

  Give them a call to get started today.   When you call, they provide you with a: FREE personalized credit consultation FREE access to your TransUnion report summary FREE credit report audit on all your accounts FREE score evaluation and recommended solution   the firm began its consumer law practice in the early 1990s. By emphasizing strict regulatory […]

Credit Sesame VS Credit Karma

Credit Sesame VS Credit Karma Which ONE should you CHoose and Why?   With so much hype today about Credit Reports, Credit Scores and Identity Theft you don’t have to look far before you can find a few AMAZING sites that offer these products for you and get this, they are 100% FREE.  Truly, there are […]

Personal Data and Social Security Number Hacked

In 2017 Equifax was breached and lost over 143,000,000 data files on people that have nothing much to say or do about it.  Same goes for Target when their data was breached that affected 41,000,000.  You may not be aware of the IRS breach that also occurred where 700,000 social security numbers and other sensitive information was […]

Get the CREDIT Scores the Lenders Use

Why waste time using a FREE Credit Score that no actual LENDER Uses:                                                 ( ORDER NOW )     To learn more about why NOT TO USE the Free Credit Scoring companies: http://1160mortgage.com/true-credit-score
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