#1 Down Payment Assistance program for 2019

Choosing the BEST Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Program in 2018

When it comes to your down payment, you have several options that MOST Home Buyers & Realtors are not familiar with.  Most states have a Program such as a case with IHDA in ILLINOIS.  In many of these cases you have a limited number of Lenders who offer the program and because of this, they charge fees that should be avoided if you Compare Mortgage Options.

I offer several programs to give you These OPTIONS and as a BROKER I work for YOU to seek out these Amazing DPA Programs:

1% Down Payment Program:  A program that we put together using the HomePossible 3% down program and a match you with a Lender who will CONTRIBUTE 2% leaving you with only needing 1% of your own funds

If for some reason we can not get you to qualify for the 1% Down Program we will look at one of the many Grant Programs that may provide you DPA ranging from 3% all the way to 5% of the loan amount.

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